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Tech Guides

Guides on specific features and how to add the additional feature into your integration build.

This page includes information on relatively common questions that arise during development and testing. When you are nearing completion of the integration, please ensure to reach out to your Partner manager and our Integration team (

To understand the process of moving your integration to live production, please see our Integration Sign-Off Process and Integration Sign-Off Key Points.

Please be aware certain functionalities (3DS, Fee Profiling, Custom Disbursements to name a few) are not enabled on the Sandbox Account by default. If you require these features, please reach out to your Partner manager and to have your account updated in Sandbox.

When testing payments in the Payrix Sandbox Environment, take advantage of our Self-Service function feature below which is found on the home page of your Sandbox Portal Account. This gives you the ability to run debit processing and the settlement process immediately.

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