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Integration Sign-Off Process

A guide outlining the steps to finalise the development and integration between Payrix and your software.

Once you are close or have completed the development of the integration, please ensure to reach out to your Partner manager and Integration team ( A review of the integration will be scheduled to demonstrate the process to the Integrations and Compliance team before Payrix sign off on the integration. This will assist us in seamlessly onboarding your future merchants by ensuring compliance requirements are met.

In the sign-off review, we ask that you demonstrate the integration from end to end, starting from when a customer begins their sign up / registration. A few things we look for are dependent on a few variables (i.e. whether you use Payrix Hosted Payment Pages or have built your own pages via our JavaScript), however there a few highlighted areas we look for during the meeting:

A more detailed guide to highlight the key points to sign off the integration can be found here

  • Ensuring both systems are working together smoothly

  • The test transactions and data are pushing through to the Sandbox environment we provided

  • Ensure you have tested rejections and your system acknowledges the rejections

  • Identifying any issues or errors

  • Identifying and reviewing what documents the customer/payer receives when making a payment / signing up to a direct debit agreement.

  • Payment Page Requirements

    • Whether you use our payment page solutions or build and utilise your own payment page, the checklist in the relevant payment page requirement plays a major role in ensuring compliance is correct.

    • Should there be any noted issues, we will note them down and advise what amendments are required. We then re-schedule a follow up meeting to finalise the sign-off and have you ready to go live and into production to board merchants.

  • Confirm who Payrix supply the credentials to, Partner / Merchant.

Once the integration is approved to go live, a configuration sheet is finalised and a template is created by our Sales Support team, so each new future merchant has their Payrix account created with the same configuration settings as per the approved integration, which makes for a simple and smooth process once all the necessary and correct documentation is supplied for boarding.

Should you have future plans to build on top of the current integration down the track, this is definitely possible. Please ensure to reach out to your Partner manager and our Integration team ( for assistance when adding an additional build. We will then require another demonstration of the added integration to ensure there are no technical or compliance issues.

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