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Integration Sign Off Key Points

Guide to assist in having your Integration review with Payrix signed off.

In order to have a deeper understanding in our Integration Approval process, we have listed the general flow of what we expect when we schedule an integration review:

  1. A meeting scheduled which includes our Integration team, Compliance manager and your Partner manager in order for you to demonstrate the flow from beginning to end from the customer/merchant point of view.

    1. We are happy for you to supply us with your own testing environment for us to conduct testing within your systems.

  2. During the review, we confirm whether you are using the offered Payrix Hosted Services or have built your own pages.

    1. As you may be aware, the Payrix Hosted pages are pre-built and ready to go out the box with minimal extra requirements from your side in regards to PCI compliance.

    2. If you have built your own page, you can ensure you are compliant by using our Payment Page Requirements and eDDR page requirements documents.

      1. Some key requirements when building your own page:

        • You are required to send a copy of eDDR confirmation to the customer and also store the eDDR confirmation for up to 7 years since the last transaction. This a requirement set by the Bank.

        • Have you included a transaction fee breakdown on the payment page if the fees are passed to the payer.

        • Currency code displayed

  3. Depending on the above, confirm all the types of payments Payrix will be processing:

    1. Bank Account debits

    2. Card debits

    3. Real-time eCommerce payments

    4. BPAY

  4. If you are using our scheduling API, ensure you are using the ‘GET Search for transaction status changes’ API endpoint to determine the status of a scheduled payment and 'POST Acknowledge transaction status change'. You can Poll the ‘GET Search for transaction status changes’ call once every hour. We recommend polling after 8:30am Brisbane time.

  5. If you are using our Hosted Payment Page for real-time eCommerce transactions, ensure you are using the ‘GET Token Lookup’ API endpoint to determine the transaction result in real-time.

    1. More advice in our FAQsection and demonstrated in the API flow of Payrix Hosted Payment Page.

  6. We ensure you have tested rejected payments so your system handles the rejections correctly.

  7. Confirm who receives the API credentials - Partner or Merchant?

    1. If Merchant, does each merchant have a field to enter their individual credentials to login?

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