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This Implementation resource provides an overview of the Pre-Integration process.

All integrating Partners and software platforms work with their Partner Manager and our Sales Team to create a detailed breakdown that describes what your integration will look like and the associated requirements across the Payrix Platform.

During Pre-Integration, you will fill in the Pre-Integration Form. This page includes details about all of the information that you will need to provide on the form.


The Pre-Integration step involves a discussion about the features and risk considerations and assists us to understand how our clients hope to leverage the Payrix Platform across the 4 Merchant Support features related to payment facilitation:

Once you supply us with the completed Pre-Integration Form, your Partner Manager can schedule a technical meeting with our Integrations team to discuss and demonstrate the possible solutions that may suit your business needs. During the meeting, we demonstrate the relevant API calls to suit and following the meeting, we can create a Sandbox account for you in order to test and begin your development in our testing environment.

When you are close to completing the development of the integration, please reach out to your Partner Manager and the Integration team once again and a Sign Off Review can be scheduled to finalise the integration and have you ready to board merchants.

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