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Fees & Billing

Our fee configuration determines how we charge your merchants for the use of the transaction processing service provided through the Payrix platform.

Using the Payrix platform incurs the following types of fees, which you can absorb as the business or pass onto the customer.

There are types of fees which ultimately cannot be passed onto the payer and must be absorbed by the business.

For a full list of fees that are applicable to you, please reach out to your Partner / Account manager and check out our FSG & PDS here.

For a short snap shot of types of fees, please see below.



Transaction Fee

Per-transaction processing fees charged by the payment processors.

  • Bank Account transaction fee

  • Direct Debit card transaction fee

  • High Value Bank Account Transaction fee

Service Fee

Per transaction service fee for Visa / Mastercard / AMEX

BPAY Transaction & Service Fee

Per transaction fee + Service Fee

International Surcharge

Fee applicable on international card usage

Failed Transaction Fee

Per-transaction processing fee for a rejected transaction

Settlement Fee

Per Settlement

Monthly Service Fee

Monthly Payrix Account Service fee

Minimum Monthly Fee (MMF) - If applicable

On the first business day of a calendar month, for each client account Payrix will calculate the total value of fees generated from transactions in the previous calendar month – for payments from bank account, credit/debit cards and BPAY only.

If your account has a transaction fee total greater than the minimum monthly fee (MMF) for the previous calendar month, the minimum monthly account fee will not be charged. If your account has a transaction fee total less than the MMF for the previous calendar month, the amount required to meet this minimum fee will be debited from your nominated account. This debit is scheduled for the first business day of each month, calculated on transaction fees during the previous month. 

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