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Implementation Guide

Information for Partners/Developers/API users who will integrate Payrix’s features into their apps.


This guide provides you with all information to set up, test, and launch Payrix integration as part of your application. This process includes four main phases:

1. Pre-Integration

Work with Payrix describing your integration and identifying requirements across the Payrix Platform through our Pre-Integration form to assist in building a solution.

2. Sandbox Setup

In the Payrix Sandbox environment, we will work with you to define the settings and workflows utilised in the platform features of Payrix for your integration, which includes the below:

3. Testing

Once your sandbox application is set up, Payrix will support you through your development and testing.

Merchant onboarding
A guide to inform you of the options offered for bringing merchants onboard to Payrix.

Payment Acceptance
A guide that details the multiple options available for accepting payments that can be integrated into your application.

Fees & Billing
An overview of transacting and processing fees that may be applicable.

A flowchart to demonstrate the flow from the initial transaction and settlement of funds.

4. Integration Sign-Off

When development is complete, Payrix will review the integration to sign-off and migrate your implementation to the Payrix Production environment.

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