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Payment Acceptance

This Implementations resource provides information on payment acceptance setup options, organized by type of payment.

During implementation, you will decide which payment methods you will offer to your customer and set up the different ways that your customers can provide payment information on your platform. The Payment Acceptance resources provide details about the following topics:

Card Not Present Payments
A card not present (CNP) transaction refers to a transaction that takes place online or over the phone, where the cardholder does not present the physical card to the business at the time of the payment.

Card Present Payments - Australia Only
A card present (CP) transaction refers to a payment where both the cardholder are physically present at the point of sale.

BPAY - Australia Only
BPAY is an Australian payment method and is not available for payments outside of Australia. BPAY refers to a service which makes it possible for customers to make payments through their online banking app.

A guide on how refunds can be initiated via API or through the Payrix Portal.

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