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BPAY Guidelines

BPAY have branding guidelines on how the BPAY and BPAY View logos and word marks need to appear in various mediums, please refer to their here: BPAY Branding Guide

Payment via BPAY is a customer initiated transaction and payment is not processed until the customer actively initiates the payment from their online banking.

This function POST and assign new CRN can be used to generate and assign a new BPAY CRN or iCRN. Depending on what options you choose the CRN can be linked to a payer, a single transaction, or to an invoice in one of the accounting systems that are integrated with Payrix Integrated. This method will also allow for restricting an iCRN by date, amount or both. If a BPAY CRN has previously been assigned for the reference/invoice you have specified, the previous CRN will be returned.

If you are interested in using the iCRN feature (Intelligent Customer Reference Number) you will need your own Biller Code. Should you need assistance, please contact your Partner Manager and they can assist you.

The result of a BPAY transaction will be returned the following day if the BPAY transaction was initiated prior to 3PM AEST. To determine if the transaction was successful or rejected, you can call the endpoint below the following morning (e.g. 8:30AM AEST):

For more information, please see our API documentation regarding BPAY here.

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