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How to Process a Refund

A guideline on the steps to process a refund via the Payrix Payment Portal.

Settled card and bank payments submitted to Payrix can be reversed by issuing a partial or full refund. Refunds can be done directly in the Portal (subject to access agreement), or by contacting our Client Success team (must be an authorised contact on the account) or utilising our refund API as explained in our API documentation.

The ability to process refunds depends on what type of merchant account you have, and approval by Payrix’s Risk and Fraud team. For further information, please contact us.

In order for a payment to be refunded the transaction status must be cleared or settled (For Card transactions) or settled (For Bank Account transactions). The moment a payment is refunded, the funds are deducted from the Merchant’s Payrix Available Balance and the process of returning the funds to the original cardholder begins.

If a Merchant does not have sufficient funds available in Payrix to cover a refund, their nominated bank account on file may be debited to cover it. You must contact Client Success for Payrix to debit your account to process the refund.

Refund processing timeline

When a refund is submitted, Payrix returns the relevant funds to the processing bank, but the timeline for the customer to actually see that money varies depending on how their bank processes refunds. Once a refund is refunded the funds will usually hit the customer’s account within 3-7 business days (or 4-8 business days from when the refund is submitted by the Merchant) depending on the cardholder’s bank.

If a refund is showing as refunded in Payrix but the customer hasn’t received their funds back yet, we suggest the cardholder reach out to their own bank before contacting Payrix Support.

Bank debits refunds are not immediate and depending on time of submit may not be processed until next business day due to bank cutoffs times.

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