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Merchant onboarding via API

A guide from our Merchant onboarding API documentation.

Getting Started

To start using our APIs, you'll first need to talk to us about your business and its requirements. We will help you design the best solution for your business and help identify the use cases where Payrix can be of use to you.

See the Contact Us section below for more details.

Once we've had a chat and confirmed that we can help you, we'll send you a client_id and client_ secret for Oauth, and a PartnerId to use in your onboarding API requests. It's what identifies the requests as being for your customers.

After you get your PartnerId you're all good to go: you can start onboarding your customers! Of course, you might be using some of our other APIs to integrate with our online payments or other services. If so, it's not a bad idea to wait until that's all finished and certified before you onboard real customers, but you can always try it out with some "made up" test customers. All we ask is that you add Test to the customer's business name, so it's obviously not a real customer; e.g. "XYZ Corporation Test".

You can then continue to build your boarding form and use our Merchant onboarding API documentation to assist you in the development - here.

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