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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

At Payrix, we take security very seriously. We maintain a highly secure, reliable, and resilient technology infrastructure backed by industry approved encryption and protection to ensure all data stored on our platform is secure. 

2FA is a necessary level of security that is widely used across software and information platforms. By using a secondary device like an authentication app, it helps ensure the users identity is legitimate before providing access to your company’s valuable and sensitive information.  

To help further protect your sensitive data, and that of your customers, we are adding Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as a mandatory step for all users wishing to access the Payrix Portal and Payrix Partner Portal.

Q: How does 2FA protect my account?  

Adding this extra step ensures that your identity cannot be stolen even if your username and password are compromised and prevents outsiders from accessing your company’s sensitive data. 

Q: Who can I contact for help with 2FA on my account? 

If you have 2FA on your Payrix account and encountered difficulties or issues, you can reach out for support at for further assistance, or call us on 1300 592 283 to speak to a friendly team member.  

Q: How will it affect my merchants or setup with Payrix? 

Using 2FA will not impact any of your clients or merchants, it simply protects you and your team logging into the Payrix Products. It will not affect your hosted payment pages or integrations in any way. 

Q: What will it involve? 

Merchant Onboarding already requires 2FA, however if you have not yet set up 2FA for our Payment Portal, you will be asked to complete setup before being able to gain access to the Portal which is a mandatory step for all users. You can download an authentication app which will generate a code. This is paired with your usual login details (username and password) to allow you access to the Portal.

Click here to set up 2FA on your account now - 


Q: I am already using 2FA on the Payrix Portal 

You may already be using 2FA if you chose to have it added to your Portal in the past. If you have already activated 2FA, you will continue using it as per usual. No further changes are needed. 




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