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Our Security Infrastructure

Payrix manages internal security levels, relative to our own Information & Security Policies. Including using “least privilege access” principal and only allowing authorised staff access to the Database and Card Data environment, this access controlled via a combination of tokens, passwords and Pins.

Payrix Portal has auto lock out, strong password policies, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and required password resets. All access externally is locked down via VPN, Password manager, Domain level access and secure password access.

Where is your Data?

Payrix keep all your client processing data onsite here in Australia. With both data centres being in Sydney, your data is stored and handled as per Australian Government laws and guidelines.

Production Environment Security

Within our Primary Data Centre, we acquire additional security to their highest level, including:

  • Security Intelligence - Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Vulnerability Assessment - Vulnerability monitoring, reporting and remediation.

  • Behavioural Analysis - Card Data Environment monitoring, traffic analysis and log management.

  • PCI-DSS Self-Assessment and Monitoring - SAQ portal and ASV scanning.

  • Threat Detection / Intrusion Detection - Compromise management using Network Intrusion Detection System, Host Intrusion Detection System and File Integrity Monitoring.

  • Anti-Virus - Anti-Malware, Ransomware and Virus protection.

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